Friday 27 June 2008

New ECHR Articles EHRLR

The newest issue of the European Human Rights Law Review (2008-3) has just appeared, as fellow blog International Law Reporter reports. These are the featured articles:

- Basak Çali, The Purposes of the European Human Rights System: One or Many?
- Keir Starmer, Responsibility for Troops Abroad: UN Mandated Forces and Issues of Human Rights Accountability
- Jill Marshall, A Right to Personal Autonomy at the European Court of Human Rights
- Ivana Radacic, Rape Cases in the Jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights: Defining Rape and Determining the Scope of the State's Obligations
- Catherine J. Van de Heyning, "Is it Still a Sin to Kill a Mockingbird?" Remedying Factual Inequalities through Positive Action: What can be Learned from the US Supreme Court and European Court of Human Rights Case Law?

Although the articles in this review are usually of high quality, it is relatively difficult to access. It was pointed out to me, however, that the articles appear quite quickly in Westlaw!