Monday 28 November 2011

New Publications on ECHR and Good News

The end of this month brings a broad range of new ECHR-related publications, both books and articles. Please find an overview here:

* Nicolas Bratza (current president of the Court) has published an article entitled 'The relationship between the UK Courts and Strasbourg' in the European Human Rights Law Review (2011, No. 5, pp. 505-512).

The Human Rights Law Journal (vol. 30. No. 1-12, a bit older, but I had not mentioned it before I think) includes, apart from a number of case reports, three articles on the ECHR:

* Michael O'Boyle, 'Electoral Disputes and the ECHR: An Overview'
* Jörg Polakiewicz, 'European Union Action on Procedural Rights and the European Convention on Human Rights'
* Helen keller, Daniela Kühne, and Andreas Fischer, 'Draft Statute for the European Court of Human Rights - A Contribution to Reforming the European System'
There is a new book on the Council of Europe:

* Martyn Bond, 'The Council of Europe Structure, History and Issues in European Politics', published by Routledge.
And there is a new advisory report on the Court:
* The Dutch Advisory Council on International Affairs (AIV) has published a new short advisory report to the Dutch government on the European Court of Human Rights. Unfortunately it is thus far only available in Dutch, but it will get translated in the near future.
And finally, although I do not usually post about myself on here, this is something I am so happy about that I wanted to mention it: just last week, the Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences (KNAW) decided to appoint me as one of this year's ten new members of its Young Academy. In their own words, that is "a dynamic and innovative group of top young scientists and scholars with outspoken views about science and scholarship and the related policy. The Young Academy organises inspiring activities for various target groups focusing on interdisciplinarity, science policy, and the interface between science and society." I am truly honoured by this appointment and look forward very much to contributing to the Academy's activities!