Wednesday 28 November 2012

Court's Guide to Case-Law per Article

This week, the European Court of Human Rights started to publish a new series of studies on its jurisprudence relating to specific Articles of the ECHR, the so-called Guide to Case-law. Another addition to its range of informative tools about the Convention - next to the information notes, fact sheets, the admissibility guide and the research reports.

The first guide, on the right to liberty in Article 5 ECHR has been put online. With a length of almost 40 pages, this is a very detailed overview - handily put in systematic sections focusing on the different parts and terms of Article 5. Direct hyperlinks to the relevant case-law are provided throughout the text. The Court has announced that similar guides on other Convention articles will follow soon. The more this collection will continue to grow, the more competition it will be for traditional ECHR handbooks, since this series is very up-to-date and comes from within the Court itself.