Wednesday 1 May 2024

Seminar on Procedural Costs and the ECtHR

On Friday 31 May from 12:00-13:15, the Faculty of Law of Lund University is organizing a seminar entitled 'The Costs Policy of the European Court of Human Rights: From Judicialisation to Judicial Restraint'. In the seminar, Ezgi Özlü (Postdoctoral researcher at the Luxembourg Center of European Law of the University of Luxembourg) will be presenting her PhD on the Costs Policy of the European Court of Human Rights. This is a short description of the seminar:

'This seminar will examine how the policy of costs at the European Court of Human Rights affects the nature of the cases brought before it. The main focus is on legal aid and the reimbursement of costs and expenses mechanisms. Eminent for the protection and promotion of human rights in Europe, both of these mechanisms have been developed in parallel with the gradual inclusion of the individual to the proceedings. Through the judicialisation process, with the broad use of the ‘equity’ principle, the Court has adopted a flexible approach. Nevertheless, managerialism and self-restraint have weakened this policy. The application of a single scale for legal aid, formalist assessment of reimbursement criteria, automatisation in decision-making, and dependence on member States demonstrate how the current costs policy limits the scope of individual application. This restriction, however, also limits the powers of the Court.'

You can participate via Zoom: