Thursday 21 December 2017

New Book on ECHR and Judicial Activism and Passivism

Professor Adam Wiśniewski of the University of Gdansk has published a book on the stance and position of the European Court in Strasbourg. The book, entitled The European Court of Human Rights. Between Judicial Activism and Passivism, has been published with Gdansk University Press. This is the abstract:

'The work begins with a chapter which presents the genesis of the ECHR, which is important for a proper understanding of the Convention system, and this is followed by a chapter on the principles of the ECHR and its Interpretation by the Court. Separate chapters are allocated to the dynamic interpretation of the ECHR and the phenomenon of the Court's judicial activism. The next two chapters concern the controversial margin of appreciation doctrine, stressing the importance of attempts at theoretical study of the interpretation and application of the Convention. A separate chapter is devoted to the principle of consensus and its significance in the interpretation of the Convention. The study ends with a chapter containing some general considerations of the theory of interpretation of the ECtHR.'