Tuesday 13 April 2010

The Convention on Facebook

In an apparent attempt to connect to younger generations of Europeans online, the Council of Europe has set up a Facebook page on the European Convention on Human Rights, accompanied by this text in marketing language:

Let’s share about the European Convention on Human Rights’ impact on Europeans everyday lives, its achievements and shortcomings. Let’s debate about how we perceive our rights to life, liberty, security, a fair trial, family life and freedom of conscience, religion and expression.

By becoming a fan of Convention’s Facebook page, you will have the opportunity to view topical movies, access pictures, leave comments on the wall, get to know with numerous multimedia resources as posters, animated brochures and podcasts, follow discussions and keep up to date with the latest events! Last but no means least, here you can get in touch with human rights supporters from all around Europe.

Our rights, our freedoms - Our Convention on Facebook - see you there!
Personally, I am not so sure what the exact goal of this exercise is and what it will do for human rights awareness, but it's worth a try of course. Who knows what is to follow: twittering judges or registry personnel on LinkedIn and MySpace?