Tuesday 11 December 2012

Musings of a Former Judge

With yesterday's post about translations into many languages in mind, I dare to post for once a publication in one of Europe's smaller languages, Dutch (also my own incidentally). At the occasion of his retirement from the European Court of Human Rights, a compilation of his own writings was presented to the former judge in respect of the Netherlands, Egbert Myjer. The book, entitled 'Straatsburgse Myj/meringen' (the best translation is probably 'Musings from
Strasbourg', although the wordplay with his name is impossible to translate) includes the many short articles he wrote for the Dutch human rights review (Nederlands Tijdschrift voor de Mensenrechten) in the course of his years in Strasbourg. With his well-known knack for irony and pithy statements, the short articles give an insight into the many aspects of the Court's practice that do not usually surface in academic literature.