Friday 1 March 2013

New Articles in EHRLR

The news issue of the European Human Rights Law Review (2013, 1) includes a wide range of articles and case notes about the ECHR and the European Court. Please find an overview below:

* Fiona de Londras, 'Dual functionality and the persistent frailty of the European Court of Human Rights.'

* Frances Hamilton, 'Why the margin of appreciation is not the answer to the gay marriage debate.'
* Charles Barrow, 'Trade union rights in the United Kingdom and article 11 of the European Convention: past failures and future possibilities.'

 And the case notes: 

* (Case Comment) Terrorism: precedence of United Nations resolutions - restriction of cross-border movement - Nada v Switzerland (Application No.10593/08).  

* (Case Comment) Prisoners: indeterminate prison sentences - possibility of release - provision of rehabilitative courses - James, Wells and Lee v the United Kingdom (Application Nos 25119/09, 57715/09 and 57877/09).  

* (Case Comment) Torture: terrorism offences - surveillance by security services - El Haski v Belgium (Application No.649/08).  

* (Case Comment) Adoption: abandoned Algerian child - kafala - refusal of French courts to grant adoption - Harroudj v France (Application No.43631/09).  

* (Case Comment) Detention: detention of homosexual - solitary confinement for prisoner's protection - X v Turkey (Application No.24626/09).  

* (Case Comment) Mental capacity: adoption - care proceedings - best interests - R.P. and Others v the United Kingdom (Application No.38245/08).  

(Case Comment) Elected representatives: Turks and Caicos Islands - allegations of corruption - dissolution of House of Assembly - Misick v United Kingdom (Application No.10781/10).  

(Case Comment) Education: school closures - language - Catan and Others v Moldova and Russia (Application No.43370/04).