Wednesday 1 May 2013

New Book Constituting Europe

Next month, the book 'Constituting Europe. The European Court of Human Rights in a National, European and Global Context' will be published by Cambridge UP. It was edited by Andreas Follesdal, Birgit Peters, and Geir Ulfstein. It especially looks at multilevel issues of interaction of the Court with other institutions. The proofs are already available on google books. This is the abstract:

At fifty, the European Court of Human Rights finds itself in a new institutional setting. With the EU joining the European Convention on Human Rights in the near future, and the Court increasingly having to address the responsibility of states in UN-lead military operations, the Court faces important challenges at the national, European and international levels. In light of recent reform discussions, this volume addresses the multi-level relations of the Court by drawing on existing debates, pointing to current deficits and highlighting the need for further improvements.