Wednesday 5 February 2014

Seminar on Sexual Orientation and the ECHR

On Friday 16th May 2014 the University of York is organising a one-day seminar on "Sexual Orientation and the European Convention on Human Rights: Voices and Perspectives". The seminar will be hosted at Heslington by the Department of Sociology and will explore and discuss sexual orientation issues in relations to human rights in Europe. This is the seminar's abstract:
"The seminar will bring together a range of stakeholders – from the European Court of Human Rights, the legal profession, academia, and LGBT NGOs – to discuss the current state of rights relating to sexual orientation under the European Convention on Human Rights.
Individuals began making complaints under the European Convention on Human Rights about sexual orientation discrimination in 1955. Since the first successful complaint in 1981, the European Court of Human Rights has issued judgments in respect of a wide range of issues relating to discrimination experienced by gay men and lesbians. Whilst the Court has often upheld complaints about sexual orientation discrimination and evolved human rights protection for sexual minorities, it also continues to reject many complaints on crucial issues such as discrimination in respect of marriage and aspects of family life.
This round-table seminar is designed to encourage in-depth, cross-disciplinary and focused discussion on a range of pressing issues relating to sexual orientation discrimination in the 47 states of the Council of Europe. We welcome attendance from all those who have an interest in sexual orientation, human rights and the European Convention on Human Rights.
Confirmed participants are: Nikita Ivanov, Registry of the European Court of Human Rights; Dr. Marc de Werd, Justice in the Amsterdam Court of Appeal; Dr. Loveday Hodson, University of Leicester; Prof. Robert Wintemute, King’s College London; Jeffrey Dudgeon MBE, LGBT activist and applicant in Dudgeon v the UK."
Participation is free, and refreshments/lunch will be provided, but places are limited. To book a place please email paul.johnson at
A full programme will be available soon and an event flyer is available here.