Wednesday 30 April 2014

HUDOC in Russian

The Court's HUDOC case-law search engine is available since this month in the language of the Convention's most populous state party: Russian. Part of the ever-expanding availability of ECHR information in other languages than English and French on the Court's website, this is a new major step forwards. Earlier, translations of important judgments into Russian (currently over a thousand already) were already included in HUDOC, but now the search engine also has a Russian version of its portal. Factsheets in Russian on the jurisprudence of the Court and other relevant information are brought together on a special web page. In addition, the Russain version of the Court's 50 year anniversary book, The Conscience of Europe, can be retrieved here. See the press release on the launch of the Russian version of HUDOC here (it can also be accessed by clicking on "Other languages" at the upper right in the HUDOC interface). Let's hope that this increased accessibility of European human rights material may trickle up to levels where its insights are most needed in the period of current tension.