Wednesday 7 May 2014

ECHR Guide for Lawyers

The Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe (CCBE) has published a special guide entitled 'The European Court of Human Rights - Questions and Answers for Lawyers' online. The small booklet can be seen as a very practical, albeit also quite basic (it includes only "key information", as the editors state) introduction to the aspects of the Strasbourg system relevant to practicing lawyers. Questions answered range from "How should ECHR case law be invoked in the national proceedings?" to "Can applicants obtain legal aid in respect of proceedings before the Court?" Many answers include links to further relevant information. This is the abstract of the guide: 

"This guide is directed at lawyers intending to bring a case before the ECHR. The guide, which is a list of questions and answers, contains information and practical advice for proceedings before national courts prior to application to the ECHR, before the Court itself, and during the enforcement of the Court’s judgments.

A number of questions are covered in the handbook, including: at what stage of proceedings before national courts should human rights violations be pleaded under the European Convention of Human Rights; how to submit an application to the Court; the technical aspects of proceedings; and the role of a lawyer once a judgment has been rendered. Also included are reference to tools and resources available for parties and their lawyers."