Wednesday 9 July 2014

New ECHR Readings

Please find below an overview of recent and less recent (but not yet mentioned on this blog) literature on the European Convention and the European Court of Human Rights:

* N. Bratza, 'Living instrument or dead letter - the future of the European Convention on Human Rights', European Human Rights Law Review, no. 2 (2014) pp. 116-128.
* And in the same issue: C. Draghici, 'The Human Rights Act in the shadow of the European Convention: are copyist's errors allowed?', pp. 154-169. 

* E. Bribosia, I. Rorive and L. Van den Eynde, 'Same-sex marriage: building an argument before the European Court of Human Rights in light of the US experience', Berkeley Journal of International Law, vol. 32, no. 1 (2014) pp. 1-43.

* Kanstantsin Dzehtsiarou and Donal K. Coffey, 'Legitimacy and Independence of International Tribunals: An Analysis of the European Court of Human Rights', Hastings International and Comparative Law Review, vol. 37 (2014) p. 271.

* Samantha A. Miko, 'Norm Conflict, Fragmentation, and the European Court of Human Rights', Boston College Law Review, vol. 54 (2013) p. 1351.

* F. Mégret, 'The notion of ‘continuous violations’, expropriated Armenian properties, and the European Court of Human Rights', International Criminal Law Review, vol. 14, no. 2 (2014) pp. 317–331.

* S. Borelli, 'Domestic investigation and prosecution of atrocities committed during military operations: the impact of judgments of the European Court of Human Rights', Israel Law Review, 2013, vol. 46, no. 2, pp. 369-404. 

* C. Ryngaert, 'Oscillating between embracing and avoiding Bosphorus: the European Court of Human Rights on Member State responsibility for acts of international organisations and the case of the EU', European Law Review, vol. 39, no. 2 (2014) pp. 176-192.

* R. Ahdieh and H. Flemming, 'Toward a jurisprudence of free expression in Russia: the European Court of Human Rights, sub-national courts, and intersystemic adjudication', UCLA Journal of International Law and Foreign Affairs, vol. 18, no. 1 (2013) pp. 31-60.

The Court itself, together with the Fundamental Rights Agency of the European Union, launched an updated version of its 'Guide to European law on asylum,borders and immigration'. The earlier version has proven to be a huge success with over 26,00 downloads of this freely available ebook. For other languages than English, please see here.

Finally, last month, Lord Phillips of Worth Matravers delivered a public lecture at King’s College London, entitled 'European Human Rights: A Force for Good or a Threat to Democracy?' which can be read online.