Thursday 10 September 2015

The European Court of Human Rights Uncovered - Infographic

Much of the discussion in the past years around the European Court of Human Rights and about human rights in general in the media and even among some academics has been based on misperceptions coming from a lack of informed views. In order to counter these misperceptions, Adam Wagner and his team of the valued UK Human Rights Blog have launched a special website some time ago which elucidates key human rights issues by way of clear and appealing infographics. They have recently added a set on infographics entitled 'The European Court of Human Rights Uncovered' with a lot of easily accessible information. While mainly geared towards a UK audience, the country were some of the most vitriolic views about the Court have been uttered in the past years, it is of great interest to the whole of Europe. The page includes information about when countries joined the ECHR system, which countries do relatively well and which ones do not, and on how much the whole system costs. While the infographics have some very minor flaws (Kosovo does not exist yet on their map of Europe and Malta has invisibly disappeared into the Mediterranean), it is on the whole a very well done overview of some key ins-and-outs of the ECHR system. Well worth to take a look at and to spread further!