Monday 18 April 2016

Video on Admissibility Criteria

In an effort to increase the understanding of how the application system in Strasbourg works, the Court is constantly increasing the number of information tools. Of course, there is the 'Practical Guide on Admissibility Criteria', an online text with comprehensive information. To complement this, the Court has also been launching short online videos in a number of languages. A rather general video on the issue has been online for some time ('ECHR video on admissibility conditions'). However, more recently the Court has added a more elaborate video in its new series “COURTalks-disCOURs”. The first video in a series produced together with the Council of Europe’s programme “Human Rights Education for Legal Professionals” (HELP) is entitled 'Admissibility of an Application'. This is the Court's press release on the video:

"This fifteen-minute video is geared to providing judges, lawyers and other legal professionals, as well as civil society representatives, with an overview of the admissibility criteria which all applications must meet in order to be examined by the Court.

By providing HELP, national judicial institutes and Bar associations with a tool for initial training, this video will complement the information materials which have already been developed by the Court, including the Practical Guide on Admissibility Criteria and the video clip on admissibility criteria.

The video is subtitled in 14 different languages (English, French, Albanian, Armenian, Croatian, Czech, German, Italian, Lithuanian, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish and Ukrainian) and forms part of the Court’s translations programme “Bringing the Convention closer to home” which is aimed at improving the understanding and application of Convention standards in the 47 Member States.

The various language versions of the video have been made available on the Court’s YouTube channel as well as on the Court and HELP websites, together with the manuscript and a list of relevant case-law precedents."