Tuesday 22 November 2016

Conference on ECHR and Regional Implementation Challenges

On 8 and 9 December, the Council of Europe,  the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Lithuania, and the European Humanities University are co-organising a conference entitled 'Regional Challenges in Implementation of the European Convention on Human Rights'. The conference will take place at the premises of the Constitutional Court in Vilnius. This is the organisers' summary of the topics the conference will address:

'The conference brings together academics, members of the judiciary and practicing lawyers from across Europe to facilitate a timely discussion of the challenges and underlying causes of insufficient compliance with the jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights. The aim of the workshop is to examine common approaches and practices from different parts of Europe to the implementation and application of the Convention. The key question of the conference is whether the challenges to implementation of the Convention are country-specific, regional or European. The discussion will revolve around the following key issues:

* The relationship between implementation and perceived legitimacy of the European Court of Human Rights;
* Compliance, European consensus and the margin of appreciation; validity of regional consensus as a factor of interpretation of European standards of human rights protection;
* Challenges of implementation of the European Convention of Human Rights in situations of transition and recent transition.

The language of the Conference is English (no interpretation will be provided). The participation in the Conference is free of charge; however, the attendees are expected to cover their travel and accommodation expenses. For security reasons all attendees should be registered in advance. If you are interested in attending the Conference, please contact Assoc. Prof. Maxim Timofeev via maxim.timofeev @ ehu.lt.'

The full programme can be found here.