Friday 6 April 2018

New Book on Human Rights in CoE and EU

My Utrecht University colleague Janneke Gerards, together with Steven Greer and Rose Slowe of the University of Bristol, have just published a new book with Cambridge University Press, entitled Human Rights in the Council of Europe and the European Union. Achievements, Trends and Challenges. This is the abstract:

'Confusion about the differences between the Council of Europe (the parent body of the European Court of Human Rights) and the European Union is commonplace amongst the general public. It even affects some lawyers, jurists, social scientists and students. This book will enable the reader to distinguish clearly between those human rights norms which originate in the Council of Europe and those which derive from the EU, vital for anyone interested in human rights in Europe and in the UK as it prepares to leave the EU. The main achievements of relevant institutions include securing minimum standards across the continent as they deal with increasing expansion, complexity, multidimensionality, and interpenetration of their human rights activities. The authors also identify the central challenges, particularly for the UK in the post-Brexit era where the components of each system need to be carefully distinguished and disentangled.'

Congrats to the authors!