Monday 20 August 2018

My New Article on Squeezed Civic Space and Human Rights

I am happy to announce that my new article entitled 'Squeezing civic space: restrictions on civil society organizations and the linkages with human rights' has been published open access and is thus freely available to all in the International Journal of Human Rights. This is the abstract:

'In many countries civil society is under pressure. Collective citizens’ efforts, especially when they have political salience, seem to be regarded with increasing suspicion and even to be actively countered. Anti-NGO laws, arbitrary inspections, harassment, and criminalisation all strike at the roots of civic space. Is this part of a trend of ‘reverse transitions’, in which countries slide away from democracy? Or is this maybe an even wider shift, manifestations of which can also be observed in more established democracies? What are the possible causes of this shrinking or closing civic space, how does the closure manifest itself, and what are the linkages to human rights? This article will focus on anti-NGO measures as part of a broader global trend.'