Thursday 21 November 2019

Special Issue on ECHR and Derogations

The Austrian Review of International and European Law Online has published a special issue on derogations from the European Convention on Human Rights. My SIM colleague Kustrim Istrefi  (Utrecht University) and Stefan Salomon (University of Graz) were the editors of this volume that goes into a number of country case studies of recent real or announced derogations from the ECHR in the last few years. These are the articles included in it:

* Kushtrim Istrefi and Stefan Salomon, 'Entrenched Derogations from the European Convention on Human Rights and the Emergence of Non-Judicial Supervision of Derogations'

* Benedikt Harzl and Oleksii Plotnikov, 'Ukraine’s Derogation From the European Convention on Human Rights'

* Luca Pasquet, 'The French State of Emergency: From Crime-Repression to the Protection of Public Order'

* Kerem Altiparmak and Senem Gürol, 'Turkey’s Derogation of Human Rights under the State of Emergency: Examining its Legitimacy and Proportionality'

* Vassilis P Tzevelekos, 'The United Kingdom’s Presumption of Derogation from the ECHR Regarding Future Military Operations Overseas: Abuse of Rights, Articles 17 and 18 ECHR, and à la carte Human Rights Protection'