Wednesday 17 February 2021

ECHR Facts and Figures 1959-2020

The Public Relations Unit of the European Court of Human Rights has published an ‘Overview 1959-2020’ containing important statistics regarding the work of the Court (and the European Commission of Human Rights) since its inception.

The Court has so far decided on the examination of around one million applications. However, only around 50.000 of them were delivered in a form of a judgment. The rest were either declared inadmissible or were struck out. Around 40% of the Court judgments concerned only three member States, namely Turkey, Russia, and Italy.

The most violated human right has been the right to a fair trial. Almost 40% of all violations found by the Court concerned Article 6. Nearly 30% of other violations concerned the right to liberty and security, prohibition of torture and the right to life.

The Overview 1959-2020 provides a brief history of the reform of the Court and other facts and figures regarding the work of the Court.