Friday 9 September 2022

New Book on Environmental Rights and the European Court

Natalia Kobylarz (Senior lawyer at the registry of the European Court of Human Rights) and Evadne Grant (Associate Lecturer at the University of the West of England) have co-edited and just published the book, which is also a special issue of the Journal of Human Rights and the Environment, entitled Human Rights and the Planet. The Future of Environmental Human Rights in the European Court of Human Rights, with Edward Elgar. This is the abstract:

'Adopted in the aftermath of the Second World War and implemented as a ‘living instrument’, the European Convention on Human Rights has, over the past 70 years, shown remarkable adaptability to changing circumstances through the evolutive jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights. While the Court has already demonstrated its willingness to address new challenges to human rights arising from environmental damage and climate change, growing scientific evidence and mounting public demand for action have accelerated the need for more fundamental engagement. This timely book – also a Special Issue of the Journal of Human Rights and the Environment – brings into sharp relief the specific challenges faced by the Court in addressing the human rights impacts of the interlocking environmental and climate crises.

Leading scholars and practitioners, including the President of the European Court of Human Rights, provide important insights into current thinking about environmental human rights in different jurisdictions and ways in which the European Court could adapt its principles and practice in light of the evolving international environmental human rights corpus iuris.

Drawing together theoretical insights and practice-led commentary, the contributions to this important book will be of interest to human rights and environmental law scholars, practitioners, students and policy makers.'