Tuesday 6 December 2022

New Book on Litigation about Religion and the ECHR

Lisa Harms of the University of Münster has published the monograph Faith in Courts. Human Rights Advocacy and the Transnational Regulation of Religion with Hart Publishing. It is available as an ebook. This is the abstract: 

'The judicialisation of religious freedom conflicts is long recognised. But to date, little has been written on the active role that religious actors and advocacy groups play in this process. This important book does just that. It examines how Jehovah's Witnesses, Muslims, Sikhs, Evangelicals, Christian conservatives and their global support networks have litigated the right to freedom of religion at the European Court of Human Rights over the past 30 years. Drawing on in-depth interviews with NGOs, religious representatives, lawyers and legal experts, it is a powerful study of the social dynamics that shape transnational legal mobilisation and the ways in which legal mobilisation shapes discourses and conflict lines in the field of transnational law.'