Tuesday 20 June 2023

New Issue ECHR Law Review

The second issue of the year of the ECHR Law Review has just been published (Vol. 4, issue 2). The issue contains one editorial, one guest editorial, two research articles and two book reviews. The contributions discuss such topics as immunities barring prosecutions of the crime of aggression, the predominance test under Article 18 ECHR and the role of common values in the jurisprudence of the Court, to name a few. This is the table of contents:

* Vassilis P Tzevelekos, 'Immunities Barring the Prosecution of the Crime of Aggression Against Ukraine: The Contribution of the ECtHR Case Law'

* Rosanne van Alebeek, Larissa van den Herik and Cedric Ryngaert, 'Prosecuting Russian Officials for the Crime of Aggression: What About Immunities?'

* Tobias Mortier, 'Reprehensible or Legitimate Aims? A Proposal for a New Approach to Article 18 ECHR in Light of its Predominance Test'

* Carl Emilio Lewis, 'The European Court of Human Rights and its Search for Common Values'

* Brice Dickson, 'Dilek Kurban, Limits of Supranational Justice: The European Court of Human Rights and Turkey's Kurdish Conflict'

* Leto Cariolou, 'Robert Spano, Iulia Motoc, Branko Lubarda, Paulo Pinto de Albuquerque, Marialena Tsirli (eds), and Aikaterini Lazana (assistant), Fair Trial: Regional and International Perspectives / Procès équitable: perspectives régionales et internationales, Liber Amicorum Linos-Alexandre Sicilianos'