Wednesday 15 November 2023

New Online Course 'Interplay between the ECHR and the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights'

The HELP (Human Rights Education for Legal Professionals) Programme of the Council of Europe has launched the free online course 'Introduction to Human Rights Protection in Europe - The Interplay between the ECHR and the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights'. This six-hour online course focuses on the protection of human rights under the system of the Council of Europe with the ECHR, and under the European Union with the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights. The course consists of an introductory module and four substantive modules. A statement of accomplishment is obtained after completing the course. 

Here is the outline of the course:

Introductory Module: 
• Information about the course 
• Learning objectives 
• Welcome videos

Module 1: Introduction to Human Rights Protection in Europe
• Pioneers of Europe
• The Council of Europe (Conventions; Member States; key organs)
• The European Union (evolution; EU institutions, bodies, offices, agencies; EU accession to the ECHR)
• Recap
• The very different twins
• Knowledge check

Module 2: Protection of Human Rights within the Council of Europe and the European Union 
• The European Convention on Human Rights (introduction; rights and
freedoms; obligations; interpretation; implementation; supervision; execution)
• The European Social Charter (introduction; characteristics; interpretation; rights; monitoring; impact)
• The Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU (sources of interpretation; level of protection; rights and principles; scope of application; limitations; rationale of Art 51; direct (vertical and horizontal) effect; who applies it?; beneficiaries; access to CJEU)
• General points and comparative perspective
• Recap
• Knowledge check

Module 3: Interplay 
• Evolution of the relationship between the ECHR and the EU law (foundations; journey towards recognition; convergence and interplay)
• Interplay (how do national judges apply the ECHR, the ESC, the EU Charter and national bills of rights?; how does the ECtHR monitor member states applying the EU law when ECHR rights are invoked?; how can conflicting scenarios be prevented and resolved?)
• Knowledge check

Module 4: Practical Implications
• Raising an issue of violation of rights (how can rights protected by the ECHR and/or the EU Charter be invoked before courts?)
• Jurisdiction of the ECtHR and the CJEU in respect of human rights violations
• From national to European courts: preliminary rulings and advisory opinions
• Recap
• Knowledge check

The course is freely available in self-learning format on the Council of Europe HELP platform.