Monday 26 May 2008


Welcome to this new blog on the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR), one of the only ones (or maybe the only one?) specifically dedicated to the ECHR. The blog is intended as a portal to information on the European Court of Human Rights and its judgments and decisions. Thus, it includes a RSS feed on the press releases of the Strasbourg Court (upper right side) and a number of links to relevant articles, blogs and other resources. I will try to include recent developments on the ECHR, including new cases and papers on European human rights.

Considering the enormous amount of judgments which the Court issues each year, it is impossible to report on everything. Thus this blog will be more modest and will aim to cover at least the most important developments, as far as possible. Do not hesitate to inform me of gaps or shortcomings in that respect!

Since this is in many ways a project under development (as some sort of "living instrument" as the Court would phrase it), all comments, suggestions and contributions are very welcome!