Friday 1 August 2008

Court's Summer Break

After issuing its last judgments yesterday, the Court has gone on its summer break. This blog will do the same and will return at the end of September (a bit later than the Court itself).

For some summer reading, please consult (and what could me more fitting as an overarching theme for human rights?):

Christopher McCrudden, Human Dignity and Judicial Interpretation of Human Rights (EJIL, forthcoming) on SSRN.

And (in some unabashed summer self-promotion, if you allow me), my own: Piercing the Tattered Veil: Housing Restitution in Bosnia as a Case Study of Researching Human Rights with the Help of International Relations Theory (also on SSRN).

Posting will resume at then end of September. Please visit this blog again then to stay informed on the newest ECHR developments. Have a good summer, dear readers!