Tuesday 23 February 2010

Series of Conferences on ECHR

The French Council of State, together with the European Court of Human Rights, is organising a series of conferences in 2010 and 2011. The first one, on 19 April of this year in Paris, will be devoted to 'the principle of subsidiarity and the European protection of human rights' with both the president of the European Court of Human Rights and the vice-president of the Council of State as speakers. Themes to be addressed in later conferences are:

- “The right of recourse, procedure and
enforcement of the judgments of the European
Human Rights Court”.
-“Interaction between various European law norms
and cross-influence between the Court of Justice of
the European Union and the European Human
Rights Court”.
- “Legal review in relation with the implementation
of constitutional and treaty law norms”.
- “European law applying to detention”.
- “European property law”.

Those who are interested, can register at sre-colloques@conseil-etat.fr and find more information here.

I will be off for a week and back for blogging on Wednesday 3 March.