Monday 8 February 2010

Two Articles on EU and ECHR

As a follow-up to my recent post on possible EU accession to the ECHR, here are references to two recent academic articles on the issue, addressing some problems in diverging case-law:

* Jiri Malenovsky (a judge at the European Court of Justice), 'L’enjeu délicat de l’éventuelle adhésion de l’Union européenne à la convention européenne des droits de l’hommes : de graves différences dans l’application du droit international, notamment général, par les juridictions de Luxembourg et Strasbourg', Revue Générale de Droit Public International, first issue of 2010.
* Johan Callewaert, 'The European Convention on Human Rights and European Union Law: a Long Way to Harmony', European Human Rights Law Review (no. 6, 2009) pp. 768-783.

The latter article can be found through Westlaw. As to the French article, I do not know whether it can be accessed online (if anyone knows, please notify).