Monday 13 December 2010

Farewell Seminar for Judge Christos Rozakis

The Athens Bar Association and the Greek Ministry of Justice, Transparency and Human Rights are organising a seminar at the occasion of the retirement of the Greek judge Christos Rozakis from the European Court of Human rights. The event will take place on Monday 20 December and is entitled 'The Protection of the Individual Within the European Legal Order'.

Time and venue: 18h30 in the Ceremony Hall of the Athens Bar Association (Akadimias str. 60, 1st floor).

Speakers will be:

-Vassileios Skouris, Chairman of the European Court of Justice: “The Judicial Protection of the Citizen within the European Union”;
-Ioannis Tentes, Attorney General: “Effects of ECHR and the jurisprudence of EuCHR on Greek Criminal Law”;
-Nikiforos Diamantouros, European Ombudsman: “The Ombudsman as a mechanism of extrajudicial protection of the individuals within the European Legal Order”;
-Marialena Tsirli, Référendaire of the European Court of Human Rights: “Local jurisdiction of the EuCHR: Geographical Limits of the European Protection of Human Rights”;
-Panagiotis Voyatzis, Référendaire of the European Court of Human Rights: “The Consequences of Strasbourg Judgments within Legal Time”;
and the honoree Christos Rozakis: “The Completion of European Protection with the accession of the European Union to ECHR”.