Tuesday 18 October 2011

Article on Islam, Secularism and the ECHR

The newest issue of the Michigan Journal of International Law (vol. 32-4, 2011) includes an article on the ECHR, entitled 'Islam in the Secular Nomos of the European Court of Human Rights' written by Peter G. Danchin of the University of Maryland. sine it contains no abstracts, this is the table of contents for your information:


I. The Concept of the Secular Public Sphere
A. The Antinomies of Secularism
1. The Right to Freedom of Religion and Belief
2. Public Reason and Private Faith
3. The Authority of Public Reason
B. Rethinking the Secular
C. Between Rationality and Reason

II. Religious Freedom in ECHR Jurisprudence
A. The Rights of Religious Minorities
B. Freedom from Injury to Religious Feelings
C. The Claims of Muslim Communities

III. Islam in Article 9 Jurisprudence
A. The Scope of the Right to Religious Freedom
1. Enlightenment Rationalism
2. Value Pluralism
3. Pluralism and Islam
B. Public Order and the Rights of Others
1. Rival Enlightenments
2. From Blasphemy to Incitement to Religious Hatred
C. Is “Secularism” Necessary in a Democratic Society?