Monday 23 September 2013

New ECHR Academic Articles

Having returned from an inspiring conference on the effects and implementation of Strasbourg judgments at the University of Göttingen in Germany, here follows a new round of recent ECHR publications in academic journals. The first one is from the latest edition of our own Netherlands Quarterly of Human Rights:

* L. Van Den Eynde, 'An Empirical Look at the Amicus Curiae Practice of Human Rights NGOs before the European Court of Human Rights', NQHR, vol. 31, no. 3 (2013).

Secondly, then newest issue of the Cyprus Human Rights Law Review (vol. 2, issue 1, 2013), includes a number of contributions, both case notes and articles, related to the ECHR:

* Dean Spielmann, 'Article 6 ECHR in Criminal Proceedings: Recent Developments'.
Daniel Rietiker, 'The European Court of Human Rights from a Comparative Law Viewpoint: A Logical Example of a ‘Mixed Jurisdiction’ Court'.
* Nasia Hadjigeorgiou,Kazali and Others v. Cyprus (no. 49247/08),6 March 2012.

* Noora Arajärvi, De Souza Ribeiro v. France (no. 22689/07) – Grand Chamber Judgement of 13 December 2012.

Thirdly, the most recent issue of Global Constitutionalism includes:

* Daniel Augenstein, 'Normative fault-lines of trans-national human rights jurisprudence: National pride and religious prejudice in the European legal space'.