Tuesday 14 January 2014

New ECHR Online Reports and Case-Law Comments

Please find an overview below of recent ECHR-related Council of Europe reports and online coments on other blogs relatign to the ECHR, for your convenience. The first is a report adopted by the Legal Affairs Committee of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. It chastises those states that have ignored or failed to implement the European Court's interim requests. It also calls upon the Court to be as precise as possible in indficating interim measures and also to explore the possibility of damages in cases of violations of interim measures. The report is entitled 'Urgent need to deal with new failures to cooperatie with the European Court of Human Rights'. The press release of the Council of Europe on this can be found here.

Further, coming from various blogs:

* Rosalind English, ‘Court of Appeal calls on Supreme Court to resolve conflict between UK and Strasbourg law’ on UK Human Rights Blog.
* Adam Wagner, ‘Don’t mess up your European Court of Human Rights application… a new rule’ on UK Human Rights Blog.
* Stijn Smet, ‘ECtHR Rules that Police Officers Can Slap Suspects in the Face Without Contravening Article 3 ECHR: Bouyid v. Belgium’ on Strasbourg Observers.
* Georgios Milios, ‘The application of the European Convention on Human Rights to the case of Leonarda Dibrani’ on Strasbourg Observers.
* Erica Howard, ‘Banning Niqabs in Public Spaces’, on EJIL Talk!
* Marko Milanovic, ‘Hassan v. United Kingdom, IHL and IHRL, and Other News in (Extra-)Territoriality and Shared Responsibility’ on EJIL Talk!