Friday 30 October 2015

Liber Amicorum Dean Spielmann

At the occasion of the farewell of President Dean Spielmann, a Liber Amicorum has been published entitled 'Liber amicorum Dean Spielmann. Mélanges en l`honneur de / Essays in honour of Dean Spielmann' by Wolf Legal Publishers. The beautiful tribute to the work of president Spielmann, available both in hardcover and softcover versions, contains an enormous amount of articles by fellow judges and other ECHR specialists, brought together in a volume which weighs over a kilo and numbers 720 pages. The majority of chapters focuses on Article 8 ECHR, the right to respect for private life, a right which he may hopefully abundantly enjoy after his retirement from the Court. It also includes a full bibliography of Spielmann's writings - except for the Court judgments and opinions that is. This is the abstract: 

The term of office of Dean Spielmann as President of the European Court of Human Rights is coming to a close. After graduating from the prestigious universities of Louvain and Cambridge, Dean Spielmann took up the practice of the law, at which he excelled, until his election as a judge of the Court in 2004. He was elected President of a Section in 2011 and Vice-President in 2012, becoming the President of the Court later that same year. During his term of office, he has developed relations with both supreme courts and other international courts and contributed to the Strasbourg Court’s high standing in the world, far beyond the continent of Europe. A man of dialogue, he has been from the outset an ardent advocate of Protocol No. 16 to the European Convention on Human Rights, which he has dubbed the “Protocol of dialogue”. This book brings together contributions from judges and former judges, at national and international level, from academics and from officials of the Court’s Registry, who wished to show their admiration and friendship for him.