Thursday 22 October 2015

The Court's Multilingual Twitter

This month, the Court has started a Twitter account in a variety of languages which will bring news on publications on and translations of case-law a well as the HUDOC case-law database. The Twitter is called ECHRpublication and has gained over 500 followers in the first few weeks. The move is part of making the case-law translations (over 15,000 have been published in HUDOC since 2012 in almost 30 languages) more accessible. 

According to Court Registrar Erik Fribergh: “Over recent years the Court has stepped up its efforts to improve the understanding of the Court’s case-law especially in States where neither English nor French is well understood. With this account, and by addressing them in their own language, the Registry wishes to further assist legal professionals, public officials and NGOs in keeping abreast of developments in this area.”

The Twitter will also highlight translations of case-law guides, handbooks and factsheets which are published on the website of the Court. In addition, the Court still has a Twitter account with its press releases, which is for the overwhelming part in English and French.