Friday 29 May 2020

First Issue ECHR Law Review

A new academic baby is born, but one with very dedicated and experienced parents: the first issue of the new European Convention on Human Rights Law Review has now been published online (with Brill Publishers). With a number of short musings about the Court and the Convention, the first articles and book reviews, this is well worth a read. This is the table of contents of issue number 1:

* The Conscience of Europe that Landed in Strasbourg: A Circle of Life of the European Court of Human Rights, Kanstantsin Dzehtsiarou and Vassilis P Tzevelekos

* Key Challenges for the ECHR System: Protecting and Empowering Institutions, Human Rights Defenders and Minorities, Eva Brems

* The European Court of Human Rights at Sixty – Challenges and Perspectives, Angelika Nussberger

* Strasbourg’s Integrationist Role, or the Need for Self-restraint?, Ed Bates

* The European Convention on Human Rights as a Tool of European Integration, Christos Rozakis

* Loyalty, Subsidiarity, and Article 18 ECHR: How the ECtHR Deals with Mala Fide Limitations of Rights, Corina Heri

* The European Court of Human Rights and FIFA Current Issues and Potential Challenges, Daniel Rietiker

* Bouyid v Belgium: The ‘Minimum Level of Severity’ and Human Dignity’s Role in Article 3 ECHR, Natasa Mavronicola

* Sexuality & Transsexuality Under the European Convention on Human Rights: A Queer Reading of Human Rights, written by Damian A Gonzalez-Salzberg, Eszter Polgári

* The European Convention on Human Rights as an Instrument of Tort Law, written by Stefan Somers, Zoë Bryanston-Cross

* Behind the Veil: A Critical Analysis of European Veiling Laws, written by Neville Cox, Myriam Hunter-Henin

Congrats to the editors! You can also follow the new journal on twitter (follower are promised to get open access to the first issue, as currently most articles are still behind a paywall).