Monday 21 September 2020

New Edition of the Book Freedom of Expression and the Internet by Benedek and Kettemann

Wolfgang Benedek and Matthias C. Kettemann have just published the second edition of the book Freedom of Expression and the Internet (Council of Europe). The second edition comes at a time when most of us express, receive, engage with, and create ideas and opinions in and through internet platforms. The book is available in print and pdf. Here is the publisher’s summary of the book: 

'Human rights matter on the internet. Without freedom of expression, people cannot participate in everything that the information society has to offer. Yet online free speech is in danger. Between state laws, private rules and algorithms, full participation in the online communicative space faces many challenges. This publication explores the profound impact of the internet on free expression and how it can be effectively secured online. 

The second, updated edition of this introduction into the protection of freedom of expression online answers essential questions regarding the extent and limits of freedom of expression online and the role of social networks, courts, states and organisations in online communication spaces. In clear language, with vivid examples spanning two decades of internet law, the authors answer questions on freedom of expression in cyberspace. Addressing issues from the protection of bloggers to the right to access online information, the publication also shows the importance of the standard-setting, monitoring and promotion activities of international and non-governmental organisations and includes a chapter on relevant national practice. It pays special attention to the role of European human rights law and the Council of Europe as this region’s most important human rights organisation.'