Friday 22 October 2021

40 Years Dudgeon Judgment

Today, it is exactly 40 years since the issuing of the famous Dudgeon v the United Kingdom by the European Court of Human Rights. To mark the occasion of this landmark judgment, the Council of Europe has published a video and an article which looks back on the judgment and its impact since on LGBTI persons. According to the press release:

'The video includes interviews with Jeffrey Dudgeon, the applicant in the case, LGBTI rights advocates, Brian Gilmore, Richard Kennedy and Douglas Sobey, Head of Litigation with ILGA Europe, Arpi Avetisyan, the British judge at the European Court of Human Rights, Tim Eicke, and the Head of the Council of Europe’s Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Unit, Eleni Tsetsekou. They explain the background to the case, the position taken by the European Court of Human Rights and the importance of the judgment in helping to influence international standards and national legislation on LGBTI issues, as well as wider perceptions of homosexuality and gender identity.'

An important testimony of history and on how landmark cases can influence subsequent developments. And a rare opportunity to hear and see a 'famous'. ECtHR applicant speak.