Monday 8 November 2021

New Book: Responsive Human Rights - Vulnerability, Ill-treatment and the ECtHR

Corina Heri (University of Zurich) has published a book titled Responsive Human Rights: Vulnerability, Ill-treatment and the ECtHR (Hart, Bloomsbury Publishing). The book is available in open access here.

Here is the abstract of the book:

"Who is a vulnerable person in human rights law?

This important book assesses the treatment of vulnerability by the European Court of Human Rights, an area that has been surprisingly under explored by European human rights law to date. It explores legal-philosophical understandings of the topic, providing a theoretical framework that can be used when examining the question. Not confining itself to the abstract, however, it provides a bridge from the theoretical to the practical by undertaking a comprehensive examination of the Court's approach under art. 3 ECHR. It also pays particular attention to the concept of human dignity."