Thursday 24 March 2022

New Issue ECHR Law Review

The newest issue of the ECHR Law Review has just been published (vol. 3. issue 1). A number of its articles are dedicated to the special theme of the ECHR and climate change. These are the substantive articles and introductory editorial (some of which are in open access):

* Vassilis P. Tzevelekos and Kanstantsin Dzehtsiarou, 'Climate Change: The World and the ECtHR in Unchartered Waters'

* Tim Eicke, 'Climate Change and the Convention: Beyond Admissibility'

* Ole W. Pedersen, 'Any Role for the echr When it Comes to Climate Change?'

* Helen Keller and Abigail D Pershing, 'Climate Change in Court: Overcoming Procedural Hurdles in Transboundary Environmental Cases'

* Aikaterini Tsampi, 'The European Court of Human Rights and (Framework Convention on) Tobacco Control. A Relationship that Goes up in Smoke?'

* Paul Johnson and Silvia Falcetta, 'The Inclusion of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in Relationships Education. Faith-Based Objections and the European Convention on Human Rights'

* Nikos Vogiatzis, 'Second Advisory Opinion by the Strasbourg Court under Protocol 16. A Contextual Analysis'