Friday 18 March 2022

The Court's Case-Law Guides Virtually Complete

In the all upheaval of politics and war surrounding the ECHR system these weeks, other matters may be easily overlooked. For the accessibility and understanding of the enormous amount of Strasbourg jurisprudence, structural overviews are essential, even for specialists. For a long time, the Court's own Case-Law Guides have been a first and crucial signpost to find one's way into the jurisprudential labyrinth. With the addition of a guide on one of the most-litigated substantive provisions, Article 3 ECHR (the prohibition of torture and inhuman and degrading treatment and punishment) the list of case-law guides is now virtually complete in the sense of covering almost every single substantive right in the ECHR and its protocols.

The general overview of all existing case-law guides can be found here. They come in two flavours: thematic as well as organised per article. The large majority is at lats available in English and French, but for many of the guides translations in other Council of Europe languages are also available on the website. The current thematic guides to be found on the same page cover the following:
  • Data protection
  • The Environment
  • Immigration
  • LGBTI Rights
  • Mass Protests
  • Prisoners' Rights
  • Terrorism