Tuesday 3 May 2011

Report on Legitimacy of the ECtHR

Yesterday, the report 'The Legitimacy of the European Court of Human Right's: The View from the Ground' was presented in Strasbourg'. The research for the report was undertaken by Basak Çali, Anne Koch and Nicola Bruch, political scientists of University College London. The report presents an "analysis of the perception of the European Court of Human Rights in five different political and legal contexts to understand how the Court’s rulings are interpreted and implemented in the domestic setting." Five countries were studied in-depth by way of interviews with key domestic actors (politicians, judges, lawyers): the United Kingdom, Turkey, Bulgaria, Germany and Ireland. The clearly written report has includes a lot of very interesting findings and concludes, amongst other, that overall the european court has a 'legitimacy credit' rather than a 'legitimacy deficit'.

For the website of the research project, click here.