Thursday 29 September 2011

Article on ECHR Application to Northern Cyprus

The newest issue of the International Journal of Human Rights (Vol. 15, Issue 6, 2011) includes an article on Northern Cyprus and the ECHR. It was written by Leonard Hammer (affiliation not provided) and is entitled "Re-examining the extraterritorial application of the ECHR to northern Cyprus: the need for a measured approach".This is the abstract:
Extraterritorial application of the ECHR to Turkey in northern Cyprus in a whole scale manner is misplaced. Given the underlying reasoning behind the effective control standard that is linked to notions of international humanitarian law and occupied territory, and accounting for a historic understanding of the situation in northern Cyprus and how it developed, it is conceivable that Turkey should not maintain the full gamut of obligations under the ECHR.
Unfortunately, the article is somewhat shoddily edited. The famous Banković is spelled both as Bancovic and Bankovic in this article, for example. And the author Quénivet is misspelled as Quenivet ...