Friday 27 April 2012

Seminar on How to Litigate in Strasbourg

Trier's Academy of European Law is organising a seminar in Strasbourg entitled 'How to Litigate before the European Court of Human Rights'. The seminar will be held in French and English (simultaneous translation) and is geared towards lawyers in private practice, government officials and other legal practitioners. It will cover amongst others the following topics:

* Admissibility criteria
* What national remedies must be sought before submitting an application to the ECtHR
* Practical advice on representing an applicant
* Different steps of the procedure
* Communication with the Registry
* Role of the government agent
* Changes brought by the 14th additional protocol
The full programme can be found here. For an up-to-date and very useful overview of more human rights courses see the new blog of my good friends Yves Haeck and Clara Burbano Herrera of Ghent University.