Tuesday 5 February 2013

ECHR and EU after Lisbon

One of my colleagues here at Utrecht, Sybe de Vries (Jean Monnet Chair in EU Single Market Law and Fundamental Rights) has, together with Ulf Bernitz and Stephen Weatherill, edited a book entitled 'The Protection of Fundamental Rights in the EU After Lisbon' (Hart Publishing 2013). The book also goes into the interrelations between fundamental rights in the legal order of the European Union and the rights protected in the European Convention on Human Rights. This is the abstract:
The changes made by the Lisbon Treaty suggest that its entry into force in December 2009 marks a new stage in the shaping of the EU's commitment to the protection of fundamental rights. This book's concern is to provide an examination of the several (and interlocking) challenges which the Lisbon reforms present. The book will not only address the fresh and intriguing challenges for the EU as an entity committed to the protection and promotion of fundamental rights presented by developments 'post-Lisbon', but also a number of conundrums about the scope and method of protection of fundamental rights in the EU which existed 'pre-Lisbon' and which endure. The book consists of three parts. The first part is concerned with the safeguarding of fundamental rights in Europe's internal market. The second part of the book is entitled 'The Scope of Fundamental Rights in EU Law' and the chapters discuss the reach of fundamental rights and their horizontal dimension. The last part of this book deals with 'The Constitutional Dimension of Fundamental Rights' analysing the special relationship between the ECJ and the ECtHR and the issue of rights competition between the EU Charter on Fundamental Rights, the European Convention on Human Rights and national rights catalogues. [my emphasis, A.B.]