Wednesday 29 May 2013

Committee of Ministers Annual Report on Supervising Implementation

I had not highlighted it here yet, but the Committee of Ministers published, in April, its Annual Report on its supervision of the execution of the Court's judgments and decisions. As the report shows, several trends are positive: less judgments on repetitive reached the Committee (the report links this to the success of the pilot judgment procedure), more cases were "closed" (meaning execution was sufficient in the Committee's view and the file could be closed) and there was also an improvement in the payment of just satisfaction to the victims. Nevertheless, the Committee's workload is still increasing. Apart from a very useful analysis of general trends, the report also includes an extensive overview of the main developments on supervision in the cases the Committee has dealt with this year. This gives an insight in the 'afterlife' of a judgments after the Court has delivered it, ranging from legislative or policy changes to action plans presented by national authorities.

A website dedicated to the supervision by the Committee of Ministers can be found here.