Thursday 13 June 2013

Conference on Effects and Implementation of ECtHR Judgments

On 20 and 21 September a large conference entitled 'Judgments of the European Court of Human Rights – Effects and Implementation' is organised at the Institute of International Law at Goettingen University in Germany. The convenors are Mark Villiger, section president at the Court in Strasbourg and professor at Zürich University, and Anja Seibert-Fohr, professor in Goetingen and member of the UN Human Rights Committee. This is the description of the conference:  
The conference seeks to consider new ways of enhancing the interplay between the Court and domestic implementation. Among the topics addressed are: the binding effects of the Court’s judgments, the scope and reach of the award of damages, the role of the national courts regarding the implementation of the ECtHR’s judgments, the role of subsidiarity and the future role of the ECtHR in the implementation of its judgments.

In order to stimulate the dialogue among the relevant professions judges from the Strasbourg Court, from various Constitutional Courts and Supreme Courts as well as academics and practitioners will participate in the conference. Several judges of the European Court of Human Rights including President Dean Spielmann have committed to give presentations.

Registration is required by 31. July 2013. Please contact Ms Doris Ruhr: humrts at

This is the programme:

Friday, 20 September 2013

14h00 Welcome address - Anja SEIBERT-FOHR and Mark VILLIGER

14h15 Keynote Speech - Dean SPIELMANN, President of the European Court of Human Rights

14h45 “Binding Effects and Declaratory Nature of the Court’s Judgments”

Chair: Helene RUIZ-FABRI, Speakers: Mark VILLIGER, Hans Joachim CREMER, Péter KOVAC, Almut WITTLING-VOGEL


16h15 Coffee break

16h45 “Award of Damages”



18h15 End of first day

Saturday, 21 September 2013

09h00 “The Role of the National Courts in the Implementation of the Court’s Judgments”

Chair: Peter-Tobias STOLL, Speakers: Jacek CHLEBNY, Thomas GIEGERICH, Peter M. HUBER


10h30 Coffee break

11h00 “Role of Subsidiarity”

Chair: Geir ULFSTEIN, Speakers:  Sabino CASSESE, John LAWS, Angelika NUßBERGER, Derek WALTON


12h30 Lunch Break

13h30 “The Future Role of the Court in the Implementation of its Judgments”

Chair: Renate JAEGER, Speakers: Mads ANDENAS, Andreas PAULUS, Linos-Alexandre SICILIANOS


15h00 Closing Speech - Anja SEIBERT-FOHR and Mark VILLIGER

15h30 End of Conference