Tuesday 6 October 2015

Court Launches Case-Law Exchange Network with Highest Courts

This week, the European Court of Human Rights created a network aimed at the exchange of information on case-law between Strasbourg and the highest national courts. The idea was announced at the opening of the judicial year and supported by the Council of Europe's member states. The nodes in this network of exchange will be the Jurisconsult of the European Court and the research departments of the domestic superior courts. The French Court of Cassation and Conseil d’√Čtat were the first to join, but the highest judicial institutions of several other ECHR state parties have indicated their interest to join. The Court's President Dean Spielmann expressed that this new way of sharing information is part of the shared responsibility between the European and national levels to implement the European Convention. One of the aims is consistency of national decisions with ECHR case-law. See the full press release here.