Friday 30 April 2021

Information Hub on ECHR Implementation for NHRIs

ENNHRI, The European Network of National Human Rights Institutions, has this week launched a dedicated information hub on its website on the implementation of judgments of the European Court of Human Rights. Although geared towards NHRIs, the information is of much wider interest and of use to anyone working on ECHR implementation. It is a central node bringing together implementation information from the Council of Europe itself, from ENNHRI and from EIN (the European Implementation Network). Very proud that one of my PhD researchers contributed to the work of ENNHRI on pulling these information resources together. This is the abstract of the information hub:

'To support and guide NHRIs in their efforts to work on the execution of ECtHR judgments, this interactive hub compiles existing resources and tools on ECtHR implementation as well as available key lessons learned and existing NHRI good practices. The information hub illustrates how NHRI efforts on ECtHR implementation can work as a continuing cycle where outcomes of national efforts to promote implementation of Court judgments can be used in international advocacy efforts, the outcomes of which can strengthen subsequent national efforts. It provides key examples of NHRI activities, coupled with relevant resources and tools.'