Sunday 4 December 2022

New Issue ECHR Law Review

The newest issue of the ECHR Law Review has just been published (vol. 3, issue 4). The issue contains an editorial note, two guest editorials, two research articles and a case note. The contributions discuss such topics as the impact of the European Court of Human Rights on Ukraine, the right to freedom of expression on the internet and Article 53 of the ECHR, to name a few. This is the table of contents:

* Kanstantsin Dzehtsiarou and Vassilis P Tzevelekos, 'A Thorny Road to Democracy, Human Rights and the Rule of Law: Ukraine
and the European Court of Human Rights'

* Ganna Yudkivska, 'Ex Aequo et Bono – Some Post-Mandate Reflections'

* Mykola Gnatovskyy, 'The Strasbourg Court and Ukraine: De Jure Pacis Ad Jus Belli'

* Janneke Gerards, 'Article 53 ECHR and Minimum Protection by the European Court of Human Rights'

* Paolo Cavaliere, 'The Truth in Fake News: How Disinformation Laws Are Reframing the Concepts of Truth and Accuracy on Digital Platforms'

* Koen Lemmens, 'Freedom of Expression on the Internet after Sanchez v France: How the European Court of Human Rights Accepts Third-Party  ‘Censorship’'