Monday 17 April 2023

New Book on Fairness in Criminal Appeal and the ECHR

Helena Morão and Ricardo Tavares da Silva, both of the University of Lisbon School of Law, have co-edited a book recently published by Springer, entitled Fairness in Criminal Appeal. 
A Critical and Interdisciplinary Analysis of the ECtHR Case-LawThis is the abstract:

'This book addresses the European Court of Human Rights’ fairness standards in criminal appeal, filling a gap in this less researched area of studies. Based on a fair trial immediacy requirement, the Court has found several violations of Article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights at the appellate level by at least eighteen States of the Council of Europe in a vast array of cases, particularly in contexts of first instance acquittals overturning and of sentences increasing on appeal.

On the one hand, the book critically engages this case-law with the law revisions it has recently inspired in European countries, as well as with the critiques and difficulties that it continues to raise. On the other hand, it interweaves insight from criminal procedure theory with new discoveries in the field of cognitive sciences (neuroscience of memory, philosophy of knowledge, AI), shedding an interdisciplinary light on the (in)adequacy and limits of the Strasbourg Court’s jurisprudence.'